There was a time...when Videos were expensive 

[Need a copy about: how social media has changed the way audience consume video contents.

You no longer need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create something your audience can enjoy]




Best Suited for

  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Real Estate Brokers
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Gurus
  • Dentists
  • Lawyers
  • Professionals

What You Commit

  • Your Time - We'll need to get info about what you do so we can optimize the filming.
  • Your Acting Talent - Love being on front of camera? Great. Hate it? We highly recommend Designated Actor Upgrade ($199)

What You Get

  • Suggested Script
  • One 16:9 output. Can save money if client is willing to be on-screen and act (must explain risk associated with it, 10 takes/1 hour filming max)

We agree, slideshow videos are lame (they really shouldn't call it a "video"). We've all seen videos with terrible quality, sometimes really cringy-worthy. 

If your budget is really tight - we've all been there - yet you do not want to be on the bottom tier - this is a great starting point!




[Product Video Copy]

30-seconds Product Demo VideoStarting at $895Best Suited forIntricate / High-Tech productAny Delicate TangiblesClient CommitmentMail-in the product - or bring it to our officeProvide feedback on the pseudo-storyboardWhat they get30-seconds video of well-l





Starting at $2945
b.    Best Suited for
i.    Branding beyond your product/personal…Corporate Branding with powerful visuals
c.    Client Commitment
i.    All Locations and permits must be provided
ii.    1 Revision for Script, 1 Revision for Editing
d.    What they get
i.    Custom Script rough draft & final draft
ii.    Film director’s cut
iii.    One-minute video consist of voice narration, b-rolls from location. Up to 3 shots of Stock footage purchase is included


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