The Production Room

Marketing strategies, debunking online myths, and top trends in advertising (not to mention Replay's antics) can all be found right here.  Hosted by Sam Smith, our team of experts, thought leaders, and influencers come together to share their knowledge and experience on our one-of-a-kind video podcast series. 


Episode 1: using Content to increase revenue

Every bit of content is an asset for your company. Learn how to leverage written, video, and audio content to increase revenues in your business. 


Episode 2: Why you need sales and marketing funnels

Build them and sales will come. Discover the fundamentals of building effective sales funnels for your company. 

Episode 5: How to simplify your social media strategy

If anyone knows social, it's our guests Nelson Dale and Mikhail Alfon. Learn how to create content for an effective social strategy from your iPhone.

Episode 3: How to build a sales funnel that works

Now that you know what sales funnels are, we share with you some tips and tricks on building your very own. 

Episode 6: How to create a powerful video marketing strategy

Not all videos are the same. In this episode, Sam is joined with producer and Head of Product Sid Ganji to talk about how to effectively create video content that engages your prospective customers. 

Episode 4: Generating leads with Facebook ads

Sam Smith is joined with Facebook Ads specialists Patrick LeMaster and Mikhail Alfon to help you understand the art behind using the advertising Goliath. 

We obviously know what we're talking about. 

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